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Why aren't we allowed to mention members who have been banned? *not trying to provoke - just genuinely curoius*
I'm so happy to be loved. All my stalkers can get bent.
House of Marie is actually a Dutch company, not Swedish.
Those are lovely cakes! Whst a lot of work glueing all those dragees!!!
Yeah, I wrote that. It's a shame that you didn't post the ENTIRE thread there, Enga, instead of a few random sentences. That way people could actually read the whole thread instead of these out-of-context quotes, that, I'm sure are, in some way, helping fulfill your agenda. There's a person I've been observing here for some years now (actually, I've been observing ALL of you...... )), and watching their personal vendetta against several long-time CC members - a very...
I've long suspected that, Mimi.
Well, I WAS going to point that out, but didn't want to be labeled as a know-it-all wankin' rude-@$$ meaniepants.
Oh hey - it worked to post! I'm not banned anymore!
Eye-catching packaging!
Look at object and then model it.
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