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Some folks hsve no shame.
How much did they cost you to make? All ingredients - right down to the half teaspoon of salt, papers, boxes, time making them, time spent taking the order, time spent shopping, utilities, etc.?
You mean it wasn't obvious?
What do you mean by contouring?
Tell her you are now fully booked for that date. Tell her that you don't think you can make her happy so it's best that she looks elsewhere.
Try out different brands of paste to see which one you like. And practice.
This is when I miss Jason. He always was first to pipe up in any pricing thread!
There is no easy or fast solution. Practice.
Good grief.What IS it lately with all these people who feel sorry for themselves ?YOU are the only one who said anything about hicks and boonies and CC being only for pros.Geez.
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