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My (storefront) kitchen is about 25 square meters. We barely have room to turn around some days. Where are we going to store all this stuff we supposedly buy in bulk? We do order from a wholesaler, but it really isn't that much cheaper than a large grocery store. It is, however, much more convenient because if I order for at least 300 USD I get free delivery. I don't have to drive all around town wasting my time shopping and schlepping.
This would never have become an issue because I am very professional and I don't let clients use me as their own personal doormat.
I have a storefront. Rent, wages, utilities, taxes, and fees comt to about 13000 USD a month. That's before I even buy that first dozen eggs, so, yeah, I get really p!$$ed off at people who undercharge - and even MORE so att those who deliberately undercut.
You should have (and could have!) nipped this in the bud from the very beginning. If you're going to be in business you really need to set guidelines for yourself and follow them - no matter who the client is. Think of it as a lesson learned - and for goodness sake take control of the situation next time.
The design is cute, but you have a long way to go before you should even consider selling products.
That so-called Wilton instructor needs a good whipping. That is, without a doubt, the stupidest thing I've ever read. I can't believe anyone would ever take 'advice' like this seriously! Those are the words of someone who - no, I'm not even going to continue - I'll end up giving myself a stroke.
100 km is a long way. You should have a release form that clients sign when they pick up cakes. Assuming this tiered cake was properly constructed - it looks to me like they braked.
The cake looks like the sketch - but you should have left the cheeks flat.
I want to know who told you never to charge labor so I can slap them upside the head.Who in the world would say something that stupid? And why in the world would you ever actually BELIEVE it?
We can't help you. Cottage food law is different everywhere. You need to contact the proper authorities in your area.
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