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Wow it's beautiful!!!!
congratulations on your new mixer. Its grand isn't it I agree with the ladies extra bowl is essential
I agree it is a great forum...I have learned alot!!! I appreciate all the members of this forum sharing their knowledge ....Thank you everyone!!!
Hi,Thank you very much for responding. Cakeyouverymuch you have given me some hope so I will try again and do as you do Thank you again!
Hi Dayti,Thank you for your response I live in eastern canada and can only get gum tex here so used the recipe on the can. It was also very wet when I put in plastic wrap. When I went to kneed in the cup of icing sugar the blob was hard as rock....nuked it for 20 seconds and then tried to kneed it in....was way too dry. So in saying all that I think I messed up badly LOL
Hi all,I made some home made gumpaste and it is a beige color....did I do something wrong?? Is there any way to correct this?Thanks for any help
Great job! Thank you for sharing
Hi, I'm in NB and having the same problem. Hope you can get some ideas because I could use the help as well! Good LuckPS welcome to the maritimes
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