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MMF is about the perfect consistency/elasticity for me about 5 hours after I make it. I add a little cornstarch to mine. I haven't had any problems covering square cakes.  I just form the corners diagonally from each other first and then smooth the sides.   -- Elise
Did you refrigerate the ganache for a full hour before putting it in your cupcakes?   -- Elise
Part of it will depend on how tall your tiers are.  I'd say that the serving chart above is planning on 4" tiers.  If yours are shorter then they'll serve fewer.     -- Elise
Here's a great tutorial on stacking cakes:   You can find some really helpful videos on youtube!   --  Elise
I personally like to paint my silhouettes.  You can buy edible paint or make your own with gel food coloring, a little corn syrup and vodka.   ---
Never mind. It does seem like you should be able to add photos through your own profile as well . . .
I'm having the same problem--I can't seem to add them in my photo section. It just says "empty." I would appreciate the help.
I was told that if I used DecoPac and recreated the cake exactly as in the booklet that I could avoid licencing issues. Is this true?
Thank you
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