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Thanks for your reply! Your instructions are a huge help! I would like the blue and red icing to be in buttercream. I watched a clip on smoothing buttercream with papertowl after its crusted, but it still left a pattern on the buttercream. Do you have any tips on how to smooth the buttercream without leaving a pattern from the papertowl? I am using just a regular american buttercream (butter + powdered sugar).
Hello,   I would like to replicate a technique of a scalloped edge on a cake I am working on. The technique that I have in mind came from a cake I saw that was iced in blue buttercream and then had a fondant layer over top that had a scalloped edge. (see below). I would like to ice it all in buttercream instead of using fondant but am not sure how to do this. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! :)    
Thanks to both of you for your tips! I've checked out Richard Festen and his work is amazing! I think I'll try rolling in the brown strips into the white and see if I can get the seams to smooth out so it looks like one sheet.
Hello, I am brand new to CC and had a question on how to do a free form striped pattern on pleated fondant. I have a wedding cake due very soon and my bride wants striping similar to the cake in this link: anyone know how I would do this?? It is the second cake pictured on this link (brown and white cake)Thanks so much
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