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Wow Mis dawn I will have to try this. I to have the same problem with the luster dust I can never get the right look that I see some cakes have, they look so nice and neat and mine to me looks so sloppy . I will try your technique Misdawn and hopefully that'll help. Thanks great info on here.
I do make my own fondant most the time but I also buy (FONDX) marshmallow fondant am I assuming its MMF and it isnt?
Thank you Noah It is usually 1/4 of an inch thick but I am having trouble rolling it properly I think because there are spots that will be thinner then others. I was thought to roll fromt he middle out is that wrong? Thank you Brettley I believe the fondant is ready I just do not roll it out more then once maybe thats where I am doing something wrong I will have to try that and see if maybe thats where the problem is.
Everytime I seem to cover my cakes with my mashmallow fondant (sttore bought) it seems to tear. I always seem to find a tear in every cake I make. Is it because I roll out too thin??  Or is it because I am not using enough? Or too much that the skirt drags it down and a tear happens? I am just starting out in the cake decorating business and I am so in need of help please help thank you in advance! :)
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