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I made a open gift box cake w/lid cake once and tucked paper towels between the box lid and the fondant tissue I made for added support during transport.  I also left some paper towels inside the bow on top of the box lid.  I showed the client both and told her to remove them once she had the cake where she planned to display it.  I saw pictures of her party later and she never took the paper out.  Totally ruined the look of the cake.
Thanks for the replies.  This couple is from a foreign country.  They say that in their country, cake is cake with little to no icing.  I've done cakes for this family many times and they always order - not so sweet cakes.  This is just getting to me.  I priced the cake just as I would if it was torted, so I guess I'm not losing anything by baking another layer.  Probably about the same cost as the buttercream.  
My cakes are normally 4.5 to 5 inches in height.  I use 2" cake pans and torte.  I have a customer that doesn't want much icing so she asked me not to torte the cake.  How can I get the same look in height without the added icing?  It's a 3 tier square wedding cake and I don't want it to look squatty.  I don't need any more servings so I don't want to add another layer of cake.
Now might be a good time to purchase butter for your holiday baking.  It's jumped to $4.00 a pound here as well and it looks like it might go higher according to this.
Would you attempt to put these scales on buttercream?  Should I cut them out and let them dry completely.  Customer wants a 10" 6" with scales on the bottom but only wants buttercream  I'm afraid it will pull the icing off.
Sorry this happened to you ellavanilla.  I just did a wedding cake for a bride with an outdoor wedding.  I also attended and cut the cake.  I kept it cold in the box until just after the wedding.  Within 30 mins, I could see that the cake was melting.  I grabbed the coordinator and told her we couldn't wait much longer.  I used SPS in the cake and it was still cool on the inside and it held together, but nothing was going to stop it melting on the outside.  Fortunately,...
I don't think it's your cake.  Like AZ said, do not use poured ganache.  Use a thicker ganache.  Make sure your cake is completely cooled before you put any filling in and let it firm up before you ice the outside of the cake. 
I was working on a cake for Saturday last night.  Crumb coated and filled with Lemon curd buttercream.  Finished, popped the cake in the fridge and suddenly got violently ill.  Stomach wise.  I felt fine beforehand.  I was sick most of the night, but feel much better today.  Should I throw the cake out?   I wear gloves when working, but just not sure if I should pass this cake on.    I dined out about 2 hours before this happened.
I have to agree with the cold cake theory.  I had a bride that wanted a buttercream cake with lots of sugar flowers on it.  I warned her against buttercream and had her sign a disclosure that I did not guarantee that it would remain intact.  She also contracted me to cut the cake.  It was hot the day of the wedding.  90+ degrees and very humid.  I delivered the cake cold 1 1/2 hours before the wedding and prayed that it would not melt.  I decided that it was entirely to...
They never ate the cake....     I made a drum cake for my a friend to give to her boyfriend in May.  (He's a drummer).  We visited them this past weekend and I was looking for something to nibble on.  I see a tupperware cake box on the counter and peek in.....What????  There is the cake I made for his birthday.  My friend shrugged her shoulders and said, "He couldn't bear to cut it."    Of course the fondant was hard as a rock and the cake still looked pretty good. ...
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