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Thank you!  I figured it was ok, but this definitely improves my confidence in telling her it's ok. :)  
Hi All,   I have a client who is getting married up a canyon, but doesn't want to use the on-site baker.  The owner of the Inn told her that the altitude change may cause problems if she uses a baker from down in the valley.  The altitude change is approximately 1500 feet.    Have you ever heard of any issues after baking the cake?  I would be baking it here in my kitchen as usual and then delivering which I don't think should cause any changes.  None that I...
I am making a red velvet cake for the first time. Any thoughts or recommendations on what type of food coloring I should use in Red Velvet cake? Are there any types of food colorings that I should avoid because I'll have to use more to get the right color? I'm planning to use a "no-taste" red, but if there's anything else that I should consider please let me know!
My MMF is an off-white almost ivory color lately. This isn't a problem usually and is barely noticeable, but this weekend I'm putting some white lilies on my cousin's wedding cake and the ivory color is very noticeable against the white flowers. Any suggestions for a really bright white color without painting the cake?
Typically I will simply attach using small dabs of thinned royal icing. It works great for me. An alternative would be to make a glue out of tylose & water and use that to attach them.
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