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I also LOVE vanilla bean paste...I am on my fourth giant bottle. This is cheaper than ordering the small jars.
This has been so helpful to me, Leah. I do this with every single cake I make and no more ugly bulges. Thanks for sharing!
I'm no expert but I think mint green will be hard to see.
These are brown not black but they are the size you are looking for. I have never seen the larger size in black. Good luck!
Poured ganache normally has corn syrup added to make is shiny.
Small amounts of vanilla extract, almond extract, and butter flavoring may work.
Brides around here like to have pictures taken with their beautiful wedding gowns on next to horses. I personally wouldn't want horse "stuff" all over my wedding gown.
The smell alone makes me gag! I don't understand why people associate burlap with cakes.
You're welcome. I have ordered from them several times and have been pleased with their products. Much cheaper than what you are paying now.
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