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[quote name="TheSweetTreat" url="/t/678783/ Also, what mat do most of you use for small fondant jobs such as decorations, etc.?  Is anyone still using vinyl from the fabric store? Thank you! [/quote] I use a flexible plastic cutting board for my fondant decorations and accents. It's the perfect size and it's food safe.
Keep at it and don't give up! You will improve with time. I feel very confident with my baking skills but I'm still working on decorating. Good luck and best wishes.
Very generous of you to share. Nice job!
Nicely done, cara1982! Very impressive.
Have you tried the recipe? I don't find it that sweet at all. Whipped cream would work too.
This is a great recipe and uses very little sugar.
blueberry is blue, krypto   [/quote] Haha! I know,just pointing out it had the same moldy look.
This is the recipe I used.
I made a lemon cake with fresh blueberry filling and it looked the exact same way. It must be the acidity in the fruit.
This is my favorite recipe. I add 1/2 tsp salt. Make sure your ingredients are at room temp. Gently stir in the flour and don't over mix. I never make the icing. Best wishes!
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