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I would charge $45 for a 'smash cake' decorated like that one. I normally do the giant cupcake smash cakes for $35, but with a chocolate bottom it's a bit more. 
Somewhere around $375-400
I've been asked to come up with a quote and design for an accountants retirement cake. It's a man, and they specified nothing flowery... which is fine :P   They want a sheet cake but left the rest up to me, so I figured that I would come here to pick your brains! 
    hahaha, thanks for this :) I noticed the birds strange expression as well ;) 
$988 delivered, I'm located in British Columbia
Looks like a 10 & 8, I'd charge $150 + delivery
Thank you! You're right, it's not always an easy task to have it all looking perfect so I will quote her my base and explain that it's my base! 
Thanks for your replies everyone. The cake becoming stale is not my concern, I've addressed this with the client and am not worried about my name being attached to it.. come on.   I was just wondering about cost. 
I agree, it's not my cup of tea but if the client is willing to pay then whatever! 
I'm doing a wedding in June and the bride has just asked me to make a second cake, this one with no icing, like this:   What would you charge for something like this per serving and what would you charge for an average wedding cake per serving? I'm struggling with what to quote her!    thanks :) 
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