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I have never tried Magic line, but they seem to be a big favourite. I use Fat Daddio's and love them, I've never had an issue and they were reasonably priced.
I usually buy boxes to transport my 9x13 cakes and that way it doesn't slide around at all. I do have the Wilton 3 in 1 caddy and when I use that, I usually put a glob of buttercream under the cake if I'm putting the cake directly on the caddy. If the cake is on a cake board, then i'll use some of the non-slip drawer protector between the caddy and the board. I have never had an issue with anything moving around that way. Good luck!
I was just curious if anyone orders from Dawn Foods? Are you're happy with the quality/taste of the cake mixes and icing? Are there certain cake mixes you prefer over others? TIA!
I was devestated when I went into Bulk barn last week and noticed they were getting rid of Virgin Ice...that is pretty much all I've used, except for homemade fondant. But I didn't have time to make my own so I bought a tub of Kwik fondant. When I got it home, I compared it with some Virgin Ice that I had left and I actually found I liked Kwik better. It had a better taste and it seemed softer to work with. I just covered a cake in it tonight and it worked well, but I...
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