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Just posted a lovely (nearly) fat free banana bread recipe! For all of you watching the calories!
Another great recipe - Gingerbread Men! The perfect rainy day activity for you and your kids (especially if you live in the UK like I do!)
Just posted another easy recipe - Florentines! Definition: A Florentine biscuit (or, simply, a Florentine) is an Italian biscuit made from setting nuts and candied cherries into a caramel disc, which is then coated on the bottom with dark chocolate. Other types of candied fruit can be used as well.Temptating?! -
Just posted a gorgeous recipe for Coconut & Almond Macaroons! Follow the link -
The Roman food holiday!Day 1: The Pantheon, Pappardelle & Porcini Mushrooms ( 2: Pannacotta & the Pope ( 3: Santa Maria, Fiori di Zucca & a Gelateria ( 4: Dagnino & Mercato ( 5:...
I've just posted a recipe for traditional carrot cake! + pictures.
Hello, I am the author of WordPress' new(ish) BonneBlog. Click on the link below for cake recipes alongside jellies, biscuits/cookies, pastas, food travels etc. Enjoy!
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