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Hi bakers, this is just a hobby for me so I'm a bit stuck on what size round tins I need for a two tier sponge wedding cake enough for 60 people. Also what would be the right ounce mixture for the tins? Thank you for your help in advance.
Hi, does anyone have a tip for the best way to cover a board with fondant icing .
Thanx for that, i have just got an air brush and box of kroma kolors, and was trying to figure that one out x
Thankyou for your quick reply it was a huge help
Can any one tell me what size tin i need to make a hockey field cake that will be big enough for 15 - 20 people please and what quantity of mixture i will need. Thankyou
Every time i bake this cake it happens. I have the oven on at 160 C and i bake it for 50 - 60 mins but it happens every time. Can anyone help me??? Thankyou for your time.
Brilliant !!!! Thanks guy's for your help, i am 1 happy baker now
Thankyou for your reply so quickly, but i have never heard of shortening butter cream. Is this home made or bought ? Thankyou
I am new to all this, can anyone tell me how to get white butter cream. Mine always has a tint of yellow then i have trouble getting a nice colour when i add food colouring. Thankyou
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