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Thanks, and my DH and all of that is my personal business, some may understand how you can "feel like a single mother" even with a fiance or husband.. looooong working hours = no help with the kids anyways enough about that.. Ill work on everything I already have almost everything you have stated on a piece of paper.As for the whole internet thing, well I could care less what CC members read.. but my customers well that's another thing.. If I could erase this whole thread...
LusI understand that, i seen it as a expensive hobby! No profit gained. I will report the small income to them then I guess (less then 300 a year!). This seems a tid bit crazy if you ask me. I feel as if I'm a criminal witch is NOT the case!
I'm happy you made that clear, thank you. I'm sure there are cakers on here that make over 500.00 and do not report to taxes. Id go after them. Not someone who sold cakes every now and then, yes 50 where free 50 percent to others that paid for ingredients. If it came down to it I have ALL invoicesand will do what ever is needed to clear my name. no biggy.
Lol thanks!
I wish getting into a bakery her was easy, not so much.. Most are small and family owned, the "big ones" apparently you HAVE to have a culinary degree to work there trust me I have tried for years to get into a bakery no luck. They don't have many hear at all.The whole venue thing sounds pretty neat, could you private message me with more information please? Also I'm not a fan of making cub food or Walmart cakes, I just can't see myself working soooo hard on amazing...
I know this post is old, but does anyone know the shelf life of sour cream b-c? I have my own recipe its delicious! But I always tell the customer to keep in the fridge.
We talked about pay, she wants me to "pay" her in cupcakes lol! That works for me, but I also told her I will buy all of my chocolate from her (Lindt) so for now its kind of a fair triad. Let's say if she where to bring in five clients for me. I would for certain give her a small percentage until I can afford to pay her part time. Make sense? Good idea? If she is indeed a nut basket then it will be a learning lesson. But for now I will put my trust in her she really...
Yes I sure do know thanks.25-50.00 for a three tier cake. I'm not sure of how much jail time I can do for that? Hmm lol! Well I am licensed now what's done is done.. I didn't make a simple penny, its more like someone loaning me a couple bucks.. Also the fact that I only made maybe 10 cakes a year.
For me I honestly like the ideal of having a assistant. That way I do not have to sweat the worries of partner ship. She has agreed to being my assistant not with baking just marketing and such she's wonderful so far!
Actually yes I do have one as of three weeks ago if that.. I have been making them for almost free for years i made NO profit and they ONLY paid for ingredients. I just need to take a few classes for. marketing and such as stated by other members. Trust me I know all of the rules and do not plan on doing anything illegal.
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