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If you are still stuck, I ended up having the exact same issue once (Scooby cake too!) and didnt have time to hunt down a pan, so I did a buttercream transfer onto a plain cake. Worked like a charm and saved me loads of time.
I carved from a sheet cake and it turned out well. I don't have a template I can send you though. I drew out an outline on a sheet of wax paper, folded it lengthwise in half and trimmed the template as needed to keep things symmetrical, then laid it over the cake and trimmed away. Hope that helps!
Yikes, if a health department says 5 days I should definitely never tell anyone that longer than that is "safe". How long they choose to keep it is their call, but I won't encourage keeping it longer.Thank you jgifford and ApplegumPam for those tips! I had doubts that a fondant cake would thaw properly, but if you've done it numerous times before then its obviously doable. I notice you mentioned adding final decorations AFTER thawing. I should probably pass over the...
Hello everyone . I'm really new to the site and still making my way around, so I apologize if this question has been asked already.I'll spare you all the boring details, but basically I've been asked if I can make a cake that wont be cut or eaten until about 8 days after it is baked. Because the cake will be travelling in a vehicle for a few hours, I said I would only do this as a fondant cake.I've told the person asking that I cant guarantee the cake will taste good...
I thought it was just my part of Canada that didn't have these magical Viva towels I've had good luck with wax paper. Frosting tends to stick to parchment paper for me.
that's beautiful... and fragile I would imagine!
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