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First of all, thank you very much for sharing this recipe Michele! I'll be giving it my first try this weekend and all the rave reviews I've read have me VERY excited about it When you color an entire batch, I know you mentioned that it can be colored during the "cooking" stage. I assume if I were to use liquid color (not the grocery store stuff, but proper strength liquid color) that I would decrease the amount of milk or other liquid accordingly. If I were to use...
On the plus side, the MOB isn't planning to show up and make your life hell in person!Your planned response sounds good. I dont see what bringing you 10 day old cake is going to accomplish at this point. Any cake will start to be dry and inedible at this point. I really hope this is all over soon!
If I was going to "part with a lot of money for my cake" and could literally walk two streets over to visit the location my cake would be made at, I would absolutely do it. Two streets over is no inconvenience to her unless she is disabled, in which case I would say you should visit her.But if she is in good physical condition to walk two streets over, then I see no reason you should have to go to her. Her comment makes it sound like she believes she is paying you to go...
Some little signs placed into a few of the cupcakes indicating the flavor would be good. I've seen this done before at candy buffets, and as long as the little signs are classy and fit the decor it looks very nice.If the cupcakes are easy to differentiate by color (white for vanilla, brown for chocolate, green for lime) then put corresponding signs in a couple of each color.
Thank for sharing! I know I've checked there in the past with no luck, nice to know they offer this now. Some of those cupcake boxes are cute!
haha, this is the exact same thing my husband always tells me. It usually does take me twice as long as I think (I'm somewhat new). He's right, as are you.
I agree with this. You have no way of knowing if this friend even wants your services. I would only call someone who requested a phone call themselves.
I order my boxes from Big River Packaging. You need to order in bulk, but it doesn't sound like thats a problem for you . And I believe shipping is free for those of you in the US!
Just jumping in here and I could be way off, but I thought the only purpose of pricing "per serving" was to be able to quickly and easily come up with a total price?If that's the case... then anyone using that method should technically have TWO "per serving" prices -- one for wedding serving size, and one for party serving size. No? I just have trouble understanding the whole "of course a wedding cake is going to cost more... it serves more!" mentality. Your labour and...
I mixed up some cake crumbs and frosting (same consistency as what you would use for cake balls) then shaped some proportionally sized mounds for the chest. Once that's done, its fairly easy to smoothly frost over the whole thing so it looks like it was carved. Hope that helps!
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