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I've painted gold onto fondant using Americolor Gold Airbrush paint. It takes more than one coat, but I've painted over white and had an opaque finish.
Taking it a bit too far at that point, dont you think? The person providing the cake has the right to ask how THAT cake is treated, but not to dictate how other products at the party are labelled.
You need a special pan. If you look for a mini cheesecake pan (Amazon and eBay are great places to look), there are pans that will make this size and smaller ones too! They look like muffin pans but with bottoms that lift out so that you can pop the cheesecakes out once they are cooled.
Lol whats funny is thats exactly what I used in my first batch, but probably not enough. I used the full 6 ounces of white chocolate this time and more Lorann's cheesecake flavoring and that helped a lot. Even my hubby liked the taste, and he hates fondant. Covered a dummy cake today too and it worked beautifully. This fondant is so easy to work with that I rolled it too thin and had a little trouble, but that is entirely my fault and not the fondant. Thankfully its...
No, they dont stack well at all! I put different sizes of the same shape pan inside each other, then I lay everything on its side in a taller clear bin (I think the one I have at home is 80L). If its on its side, you can easily pull out a pan without toppling everything over. Ditto for cakeboards... lay them on their side in a bin tall enough to handle that.
I agree with using different sized plastic bins. I finally went out and bought a bunch last week and it is MUCH easier to find things now! I keep pans in a couple bins, boards and foil in another, etc.
I bought one because I thought I'd be able to cut out some beautiful, detailed embellishments. I've tried 3 times, and it now sits in a box in my basement unused.Just my personal experience, but if you are using it to cut out basic shapes you will be fine. Detailed work doesn't seem to work out (again, just my experience)
Great video outlining the difference between all the dusts:, if its for small details, I prefer to just paint on a metallic gel color
I just wanted to come back and say I finally made this today and it is delicious! I love the texture and the flavor is so much better than premade fondant. It literally melts in my mouth when I eat it. This was very easy to make and feels like it handles well. I cant wait to work with this tomorrow I do have a question regarding flavor though. Maybe I am just sensitive to the taste, but I can strongly taste the powdered sugar in this fondant. Has anyone come up with...
You're right that there is no point in responding back. I think your last few messages to her and MOB have been quite polite and reasonable. The more you respond, the more they will find ways to twist your words when they talk about the situation to their friends -- ultimately making you look like the bad guy (which we know you are not).As others have said, it does sound like they are just looking for money back because they ordered too much cake. Guests generally...
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