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I literally spit my tea all over the place when I read that. Thanks for the laugh!
Just wonder what about the whole thing makes you mad? I agree its a bit strange for her to want to taste the cake for a relatively small order, but there are a lot of really bad tasting cakes out there so I can somewhat understand why she is asking. You are well within your rights to stick to your 'no' answer though.If she really wants to try it, I think she should come pick it up herself. Not expect you to deliver one cupcake.
I add it when I'm adding the other liquids to the gelatin. That's been working for me so far! I made royal blue recently and because it required so much coloring, I reduced the amount of glycerin I added as well.
Michele Foster's Fondant (on this site in the recipes section) is fantastic. If you have a mixer with a dough hook, its honestly not very labour intensive at all either. I let the machine do the majority of the work, then knead by hand for about 5 minutes afterwards.
I find the whole concept of this "Cake Boss" branded cake to be weird. It's not made in his bakery or decorated by him or his staff. It makes about as much sense as "Cake Boss" shoes.
I have the same problem when adding lots of color MFF. It turns into a sticky soggy mess! What works much better is to add the coloring to the liquid mixture when you are melting it all together. Then when you add that to the powdered sugar, its easy to add enough powdered sugar to compensate for the extra liquid. Makes a HUGE difference, and I've managed to get really dark colors this way.
Did you check the recipes section? Lots of good stuff there!
oh my goodness, those are horrid!
I made a firepit with rocks. The easiest thing to do was make little rock shapes with pieces of extra fondant (or extra pieces of tootsie rolls in your case), then put them in a small container with some grey luster dust. Shake up the container to coat all the "rocks", and you're set. Mine are silvery because I didn't have a dull grey dust, but this should give you an idea of what it would look like:
Wow. Just, wow. Good for you though, for remaining polite. I think I would have hung up on her the second she suggested your husband stay with your son while you make the cake. The nerve!Hope all goes well with your son's surgery. Please take care of yourself as well!
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