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Also, if it is the case that because it is a butter-based cake that hardens when in the fridge--how would you go about decorating with such a cake? I always frost a chilled cake and bake ahead of time and store in the fridge. How would you do that with this type of cake?
I make a lot of vegan cakes which use oil instead of butter so they remain really soft and spongy even when in the fridge. However, I recently made a cake that called for creaming butter with sugar, etc and when it came out it was super soft and spongy, but once I put it in the fridge it became pretty solid. Is that because the butter in the cake hardens somewhat when cold but when the cake comes to room temperature again it will be soft?   Any tips or advice would be...
Yay!!! I googled it and it worked wonderfully:   Here recipe was a good consistency for the flooding and I just added more powdered sugar for decorations.   I experimented using it on an orange (I didn't have an apple) and it works great (:    
Amazing! I am so happy to hear that (: What ratios do you use?
I am making gift baskets and my friend saw this picture:   And was wondering if I can include it in hers. However, I make everything eggless and this looks like royal icing. Does anyone have any ideas/recipes that can create this type of effect. Would buttercream work in this case? 
  It's hard for me to visualize this. So the dowel will punch through the cakeboard and into the styrofoam which has been glued to the underside of the cakeboard? Have you tried this before? Do you have any pictures?
Perfect! That is exactly the kind of tutorial I was needing :D   Thank you!
Are there any good tutorials online that you've found?   I am going to be making a Cat in the Hat cake and would like some extra support. I've heard that you can use a dowel in the center and actually attach it with a washer and screw type of thing.   Anyone familiar and can lend some advice on how to do that? Or if you can link me to a tutorial that shows how it is done I would appreciate it greatly! :D 
Thanks! Makes total sense. And it's true, I think I have been neglecting to factor in the time, but it definitely deserves it! Luckily I work from home so there's really not much overhead. But it makes sense to charge for each extra thing individually.    I will definitely be incorporating these practices in now when I correspond with clients.   :D
Thank you so much! Really sound advice--I think I'm ready to go back to the drawing board now and rewrite some standards for my website! :D One more quick question, how do you factor light, medium, and heavy decoration in addition to your per serving price?
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