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Be sure you have a nice cool temp in the room where you do these. DO NOT ask me how I know, but it involved water streaming out a a light fixture, the electric and the AC turned off, on a warm day.   
Some cakes are so close to the line, it's hard to tell, but I believe that cake is buttercream by a skilled operator, done with a tip.
I'd like to use something besides American Buttercream on most of my cakes in the future. To clarify, I don't want to cover with fondant since the whole cake is covered with decorations anyway. I'm curious which *nicer* buttercreams will hold up to having things stuck to the sides. The fluffiness of egg white bases worries me.
Bumping this valuable but confusing thread.I hit the Penzeys in Dallas on LBJ Freeway for some of the items suggested and got the Walmart 'secret" Belgian chocolate. i'm tickled with all, especially the Penzeys cocoa which is pure velvet.This thread is an example of what a goldmine this forum is!
I'm going to hang rows of fondant rose petals on a cake, and on another I'll be hanging big ruffles. I want to quit using a fondant under-layer on these types of cakes, it just seems stupid. I need suggestions for BC.I like Swiss, but it will be too wimpy, right?
Styrofoam, PVC pipe, welded metal, wood, and 50 pounds of rice crispy treats are not cake.Vienna Sausages, spinach, chocolate, tabasco, and octopus will never be a frickin cupcake.I used to be crazy for Food Network, and now I never watch.
The logical thing to do is make a wasc cake mix, but I am so incredibly PO'ed about the sneaky size/formula change from the cake mix mfgrs. I wonder how many cakes went in the trash and how many parties ruined. I've only made a few mix cakes since the new formulas hit the shelves, but I thought they were pretty yuckity. I'm especially concerned since people expect a certain 'crumb' when they see that confetti. I'm going to make a test from that scratch recipe and see what...
There is also something like this that has the 5 petal cutters along with a silicone press that puts the veining in the blossoms! It is awesome. I want it bad but it is $32.00 best price for the press and 3 cutters. I believe it is by Sunflower, and it's called a petunia mold. In no way is this a petunia, or anything close to a petunia. Whomever thought this is a petunia is gardenily impaired. But the mold looks great, anyway.
Bite the backs off... Srsly, a bit of tylose in a bit of water, piping gel, or gumpaste. Or the BC on the back but let it get partly dry, then stick on. But first I'd just put a wet finger on the backs to soften them and see if that works. There is WAX on those things.If not, there is always that bite....
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