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I had ask them a few yrs ago if they sold iceing & toppings for cakes, was told they didnt. So i started makeing my own buttercream iceing, so far had no prob with it..Iam in Louisiana & it holds up great here. But will try Sams, maybe it has a little something different in it.But would like to find a recipe that is not as sweet as the buttercream. Have had a few who ask for it.
Hi, I did make it, and it did well. The tast was good but it wasnt what i was looking for. It missing something but dont know what. The ones in the bake shops seems to be a different tast. But i will use this till i find one that is more like them. It was good much better then what i used before. As far as holding up it did fine, now i didnt have it out but only for about 3 hrs or so. It seem to be frim till the we put it away. Now this is one without the pudding i...
Thanks will try this and see what it dose. Never thought about pudding, sounds good.
Had prob with check also, took check for payment....$450 didnt know they put a stop payment on it untill 30 days later when my bank sent itback to me in the mail. By then it was to late, couldnt get them to pay so then went to court & won it. And you know what......i never got my money...judge said she cant make them pay, but i can file a judgment.So sign says checks for depoist only..... all orders must be paid at pick-upWe work to hard for our money, in what aver wo do.
Hello, I have been looking for a whipped cream iceing i can used like on a stawberry. Someone also ask for a iceing that was wipped iceing, but didnt like the buttercream iceing. I cant seen to find anything like they use in bake shops. I tryed a few but seem to be missing something, they just didnt tast the same. So dose anyone have a recipes like the ones used in bake shops. I just do this for the kids & besides its fun......This is a great site, glad i found it.Thanks
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