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Thanks! I have to make eyeballs for a halloween party this weekend!!
do white chocolate chips melt down to almost a liquid form? i need to dip and coat so that it re-hardens to a candy shell.
melodyscakes :I did use the 3D cuddly bear pan & THANKS!!
I piped put the face with buttercream, pretty easy. Everyone asks how do you get things done with a 1 year old? She's great she'll just sit in her chair and watch whatever I'm doing for as long as it takes, plus she takes 2 long naps everyday, needless to say this will be the one & only because I know what the 2nd kid could bring and with 3 dogs & a cat on top of it I'll just stop now!
I did it & it came out pretty good, could have been better but not bad don't ya think?!
Thanks for the suggestions! sorry I didn't reply earlier but couldn't get on the site saturday for some reason??? and forget sitting at the computer during the weekend I only have time during work to do that!Hopefully it'll work out and I'll have pictures to post when it's all done, good or bad.Thanks again
I need suggestions!!!! I'm having a sit down Elmo cake put on top of 1/2 a sheet cake for my daughters 1st b-day, I need to know what to use for his eyes & nose will just buttercream look ok or does anyone sell a "face" kit?? I also have to transport it 40 minutes!! should I have dowels put in or some sort of platform for support? I'm using the wilton 9-1/2" 3-D cuddly bear pan for the elmo is this too big? any suggestions appreciated this is my first cake project and I'm...
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