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And thanks for the tip of the spotlight!
lol. Mostly I am poor and refuse to pay someone else what I am fully capable of doing! And a little bit of a control freak perhaps.
I am recently engaged and want to make this for my wedding cake... I'm just trying to decide if I should go the isomalt and mold way, or if I should just buy some brooches.... I have a year until my wedding so that would give me plenty of time to practice!
Hello, I was wondering if these are real how do I attach them to the cake? They look too shiny to be gum paste? Thanks!
Thank you!!!
I didn't even know such a thing existed! Do I fill with fondant or sugar paste? Or something else? Thank you!!
Hello, I love the look of this cake and was wondering how would I go about making these flowers? It looks like the centers are almost rhinestones. Any ideas from you cake geniuses!? Thanks!
Hello everyone!I am needing to make a 3d Owl cake for a birthday party this weekend. I am going to use the Wilton sports ball pan for the shape, and fondant for the details. My only question is what will I use to make the ears? should I just made them out of fondant and attach after i've done the body? Here is a picture of what the customer wants. Any help would be appreciated!!
Yes, I do work with royal icing quite often, and i agree the overall frosting is royal icing, I was just curious on the animals...I think they are mainly fondant with a little bit of piped royal frosting detail. This brings me to my next question- I have not worked with fondant a whole lot... how well does it hold up with it being that thin?
Hello everyone! I came across these cookies via a google search, and I absolutely LOVE them! My question- do you think the design is made of fondant? It appears to be very thin and smooth, and so perfect which is why i'm unsure if it is royal frosting. Any ideas on what they are made out of and how i can recreate them!?Thanks!
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