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Interesting... I may have to try this sometime. Just for the sake of trying.
Look for a red velvet cookie recipe. Cake recipes do not easily translate to cookie recipes, unless you are VERY good at chemistry. And even then, it will be a completely different recipe, so don't waste your time. There are lots of recipe sites (, for example) that have lots of recipes to try.
Yeah, she's a pretty cool lady
That's not much for all that work. Rural community or not, I don't think you'll be making any money on that order. I'm considered to be in a rural community, and I would've charged quite a bit more than $110.
I agree with Nadiaa; ask the client what exactly they want to achieve. Lots of leftovers for themselves, pops or cupcakes as favors for guests to take with? They may not have even really thought it through. Give them several options, and maybe some reasoning as to why one option might work better than another. Personally, I would put a minimum on the pops & cupcakes to 1 dozen each, but that's just me. Then you could do a small cake & a dozen each of cupcakes & pops. That...
Thank you cakefat. I thought the same thing.
It is family taking us for granted. Neither of those options, Norasmom.
I do give an invoice with the full price of the cake, and showing the discount. Dollar amount AND percentage, so there is no mistake about a discount.
I would explain your breakdown of costs, and leave it at that. They can take it or leave it. That's what I did.
Family is tough. Once I started charging more for my time & efforts, I stopped getting requests for cakes. My own family is great about paying up; it's my boyfriend's family that gives me a headache. And they are the ones who have all the kids & parties.
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