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Posts by cakefat I think we learned this in elementary school, at least by 4th grade.
I've seen the oval ones before in a cake shop in Melbourne, Australia. If you're in the US- I have no idea but I'm sure you could order them online from a US cake supplier?
they are silver dragees in round and oval shapes, and of different sizes. It's probably stuck on w/ buttercream, royal icing- something like that. I don't know if they are technically edible or not. I used to think they were but I've heard some states in the US have banned them, so I'm not sure.   If you google 'silver dragees", you'll see lots of imagines/link that come for them. 
 yep, missing their troll. I think that they went to away school in a far off land.
OP- I guess you didn't read about the 'nicest, kindest possible way' to say something.    Please stop misusing the word "bully". It's offensive.   Also- I cannot believe that you are a real poster now. I think you're just baiting people, asking how to price a wedding cake that you don't know how to make or price, not being able to spell anything but claim you're in school and then using 'whom' with a preposition. Shady.   Oh and then of course, throwing the word...
 Here in Singapore, most local bakeries (storefront or home) charge by weight. The Singaporean accent is not close to the American accent at all- but I've met quite a few who do have an American/Canadian accent if they've gone to the international schools here (for most of their schooling) or they went to North America for school, it could have been a situation like that.  Personally, I think charging by weight isn't a good way to price at all- as it's not fair to the...
OP- in the nicest, kindest possible way, I think you're in over your head. Of course I haven't seen your past work, but just going by your posts, your friend should be worried.  A cake for 200 people is a lot. 
I think all the batty roles have been taken but seriously, you should start something new and call it "the even better than the twilight cake club".   I would vote you in as president or overlord (whichever you wish to be called), because how many hamsters do you know that can use a computer, type, spell and use proper grammar?!     Not many, that's my guess. 
 Hamster, when you become president of the twilight cake club, the rules won't apply to you either. 
 it wouldn't at all. 
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