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 Hamster, when you become president of the twilight cake club, the rules won't apply to you either. 
 it wouldn't at all. 
I think taking a class in person with a great teacher is one of the best things you can do to improve. It really beats anything online by miles, there's just no comparison. If you can find someone in your area who is coming through who is really skilled at this craft (not just so-so or ok but BAM!) then I recommend that.   Also, try out different brands of fondant if you can and spring for the really good stuff at least once (like carma massa), it makes anything else...
While I do think your lost customer was rude to you, I have to say your 'topsy-turvy' cake was not good at all. I would have asked for refund too and would have not picked up that cake. But I don't think her reaction is appropriate either, especially as you had refunded her the money.   I think you should keep practicing more before you sell anymore 'topsy-turvy' cakes as this one is not quite at a professional level.    Did she see your 'portfolio' before she hired...
 that sound all sorts of wrong. ewww gross.
high end bakery and shortening based frosting (I can't call it buttercream)- isn't that an oxymoron? 
 yeah, you're probably wrong.
What's your question exactly? Sorry if I missed it. Is it just about the burlap? you can make a fake 'burlap' maybe out of fondant/gumpaste  or use a mold w/ sugar veil or something close to it.    If you don't think you can do this cake in buttercream, then just tell her and pick another one that you can do. OR she gets in done in fondant if you feel that you can do it.    I agree with maybe changing your buttercream recipe..try SMBC or IMBC. 
Firstly, thank you for using paragraphs (it's surprising the number of people on CC who've never heard of one).   Secondly, your brothers in law/etc are a nightmare and complete jerks. I'd probably be happy to be shunned by the likes of them- that may actually be a blessing in disguise. I wouldn't do anything for any of them ever again. Game over.   $75 for that cake was a gift.      Ps- sorry that happened to you too!
i don't know how it tastes/works/holds up- I've never used high ratio shortening before. I'm not a big fan of shortening in general.    definitely call them and ask them if they carry it before you go out's in the middle of nowhere!
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