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I think there is just too many and too much of it happening- to not be intentional..and it's been happening for a while now.   and at the same time, numerous people are very upset about not receiving CC products that were paid for months ago (and no refunds either). coincidence?
 that is for sure! Maybe someone is upset about not getting a refund after repeated requests and no product- because this cannot be by accident. 
there's nobody working there anymore. I think that they ran off with all the money from the magazine and the book that's never going to come out..and now it's just one or maybe two mods trying to catch up on deleting the spammers (the mods who do this for free- while trying to have a real life outside of CC) the spammers have found the perfect playground now. 
 Why don't you try making buttercream out of actual butter? Have you tried that? the wilton recipe is not's sugar and crisco- pretty gross.  Look up an italian meringue buttercream or swiss meringue buttercream recipe on youtube or something and try that. 
 I agree with you completely- on overloading of chemicals having dire health related consequences and also bakers/bakeries not being honest/upfront about using cake mixes. Not letting their consumers be informed is just shady. Not all consumers care/understand/know (and that's their market) but a lot of people do and those people should have the right to know if they're eating added chemicals from a cake mix. If someone (at least in the US)  isn't proclaiming to be a...
 Defend your honor? What are you talking about? Nobody was questioning your 'honor' or even attacking you. I just asked a valid question as you tend to go on-and-on about the SPS. So you just like them- fair enough!  Did you use it in that twinkie cake too?
 Then please let her. 
 Do you get a commission from this company, SPS?  Are you a paid representative for them? Do you sell them? You always sound like an advert for them. It's totally okay if you are, but just be upfront about it. Jmo. 
 This what you should do if you plan on doing a car cake again. Or maybe just show any new potential car cake clients photos of the car cakes you made in the past, so there isn't any confusion. If they're happy with that, so be it.  But at least they would know what they were going to get.  Truthfully, I would be disappointed too if the car cake I had ordered ended up looking like that when I had something entirely different in mind.
I used to have a Marcato (manual w/ the crank) -great little machine- but I sold it and got the KA comparison-so much easier with the KA. Love it!! But I also make my own pasta so I use it for that as well. 
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