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 wow. you sound angry and hostile here. Maybe you need a break?
I agree w/ what PastryPet wrote, maybe taking an art class to learn about color theories, artistic composition, how to recognize and use these.     I feel that is missing in your cakes/design. Without understanding these concepts and how to apply them correctly, it makes the cakes look very amateur- doesn't matter how smooth the icing may be.    WFCS, has these is their designs- and that is appealing and adds to their popularity.    Also, an actual class in person...
 Seriously? No offense to the creator of that dish..but that looks like hard core stoner food. He should apologize to Mexico and their cuisine for associating that particular dish with their country or their food. 
oh that is really shameful. I think they lied to the teachers too and said that they gave back refunds to everyone when instructor asked them about that.    They're a really scammy/shady operation. Ironic that we're all using their cake forum too. 
 Great idea!!! That's exactly what I'd do too- go to Safeway or something and get a sheet cake. Happy Birthday!! 
PS- OP- Certainly don't give up a paying client in favor of someone who doesn't value the gift you're giving them- and the guilt trick- that's pretty pathetic. I'd probably throw that one back to them.   Also- I'd give them an invoice for the cost and discount included. I'd probably not buy the supplies until they've paid up front.  I don't agree with people using other people, family or not, so you have to make some boundaries for these types of people- otherwise, they...
That's a really weird/rude thing to say/ask. Do you let people walk all over you just because you're related to them? If so, that is sad!  Just because people are related to you doesn't give them the right to take advantage or mistreat you. 
OP- this is something that I'm SURE you can figure out on your own, right?  Get yourself a pearl mold or just it be by hand, one by one- you'll get there eventually- pretty simple. 
 Good idea! When/if the book ever does arrive, I'm sure it's going to be nice to look at. They got amazing, talented cake artists to contribute without any compensation, they sold probably hundreds, if not thousands, of copies of the book (didn't even give the actual contributors to the book a free book- they still had to pay)- and then they never actually deliver a book.  It's either a total scam or they are the worst business people you could imagine. Or maybe both?...
yes all those brands are good. just get the colors that you want in whichever brand is available to you. really no need at all to get petal dusts shipped from the UK if you're in the US, unless you just want to spend $. 
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