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 That's the most important part, you should learn what's going on exactly with this..learn what your real overhead, costs are and what are your net vs gross profits- probably before you decide to take on legal employees. Good luck! 
 You're employing someone and you question as to whether you have to pay the legal minimum? You want to pay her/him less than that? Not only is that illegal but you also have to pay employer taxes as well. Have you considered that? There are labor laws for a reason.  I can't imagine how a friendship withstands one person taking advantage of the other? 
you could tint the meringue green to look like grass, like you've mentioned.    I've used this recipe many times and it's actually very easy, fast and they taste amazing.   It was on Jr. Chef by a little girl who made them during the competition.
 Me too.  I'm not totally convinced on that..especially as it turns out the title of thread was not even correct according to the OP.
 This is the best advice yet.  I can't even think about the issues of this cake (unhappy customer, whether they get a refund or that fact that you have no idea of how to price your cakes yet) OP- what are you doing selling cakes in the first place?!   Sorry if you're offended by this, that is not my intention but it just has to be said.
 Well since pregnant belly cakes are so over (were they ever 'in'??)  and way past trashy, I would not charge too much for it. Probably not even what you paid for in ingredients. It's just not worth it. You should probably just not even bother selling something like this...I'd give it away. 
 There are millions of free white cake recipes out there online. go find one and experiment. Do you know how to use google? 30,400,000 results come up for white cake recipes....easy peasy.
Sandra Lee's 'food' is straight up foul. She makes carnival food look like 4 star Michelin, that's how low her food standards are. Yes, it's very clear that she has incredible bad food taste and zero culture.    She has no business being on TV doing anything with food- and it should not be acceptable. There is nothing to admire in her.    Thankfully, she is practically unknown outside of America, the rest of world would have a good laugh (and get sick at the same...
 I think that you should have given her a refund because the colors/design are nothing like what she ordered/wanted. Getting the color somewhere close to Yankee blue is nothing at all like what you're claiming above- that you can't possibly duplicate a cake. That's a really weak excuse and has nothing to do with getting the color close to being right.  Also,  you're like the cheap FB cake maker now (how much 4 dis?). On the other hand, a 3 tier cake for $100, you do get...
 Exactly! Nancy- once you actually do write up a good business plan (don't sugar coat it either, based on it real facts/figures), I think you'll soon realize that you are not going to be picking out the new 6 Series as a cake decorator, you know?! Their salaries are not high by any means. I'm sure as a teacher you're earning much more. So take that into account before you switch over a lower earning profession and give up the one that is paying you a living wage.  Can you...
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