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Does anyone have a recipe for enhancing a betty crocker mix? I tried adding an egg and 1/4 cup xtra oil but it didn't work looks oily
Does the Bakemark brand crust?? I bought another brand and it would not crust even after i added merengue powder and more powdered sugar
Thank you!
I'm making my first leopard print stiletto and not sure when to do the painting.  I'm going to do a white shoe with the leopard print.  Should I put it together all in white and then paint it.  Or paint each piece, then put it together?  Thank you!
Something slightly different from my origiinal idea " the pitter patter of two, in both pink and blue". "Oh what's a girl and a boy!!!
Pitter Patter for you, in both pink and blue
What a great idea!!!!   Two thumbs up for husband!!
Yes, it is instant pudding. Maybe it's the oven temp. I'll try 325 on the next one. Thank you all for your help!
Yes its a small box. It's the walmrt brand, don't know if that matters. I baked 2 8 in rounds at 350 and they took longer than usual. They domed on top even though i used baking strips. Do you lower the temp?
So i've read you can add a small box of pudding along with an extra egg for a sturdier cake...well when i do this my cakes fall in the middle. Is this method wrong????
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