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Thank you for your help!!
I need to make a baby shower pillow cake for 50 people.  I'm planning on using square pans and carve per the tutorial here on CC.  What size pans should I use....10" and 12" or 8" and 12"?   Thank you.
Does anyone have a recipe for enhancing a betty crocker mix? I tried adding an egg and 1/4 cup xtra oil but it didn't work looks oily
Does the Bakemark brand crust?? I bought another brand and it would not crust even after i added merengue powder and more powdered sugar
Thank you!
I'm making my first leopard print stiletto and not sure when to do the painting.  I'm going to do a white shoe with the leopard print.  Should I put it together all in white and then paint it.  Or paint each piece, then put it together?  Thank you!
Something slightly different from my origiinal idea " the pitter patter of two, in both pink and blue". "Oh what's a girl and a boy!!!
Pitter Patter for you, in both pink and blue
What a great idea!!!!   Two thumbs up for husband!!
Yes, it is instant pudding. Maybe it's the oven temp. I'll try 325 on the next one. Thank you all for your help!
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