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I honestly didn't use it. I think I added just a spoonful of the regular Dutch process cocoa powder I had. The Valrhona Cocoa powder I used have it a deep dark color. Not as black as the KA would give. Hershey's special dark should give you a very deep dark cake as well! I've used it before and the cake was almost black. Here's a slice of mine, I think it's dark.
Ok so I have tried SEVERAL chocolate cake recipes. I loved the one that was dubbed "Ultimate chocolate cupcake" I think, on glorious treats I want to say. It has been my favorite until now. Also, I don't like all the ingredients needed..melted chocolate, cocoa powder, sour cream ect. I like to keep it basic and Simple. I made this tonight paired with SavorySweetLifes chocolate buttercream which is always my go to chocolate frosting & it is heavenly. My only complaint was...
I don't think it would happen if you just added chopped strawberries. Dry them a bit with a paper towel if you must. I know some people make a SMBC and add in chopped strawberries for a filling and it does just fine.
I use this for my chocolate buttercream and love it. It's a very rich deep chocolate, and in my opinion butter & cocoa powder matter. I use European style butter & Valrhona powder but regular unsalted & Hershey's will work. 2 sticks softened unsalted butter 3 1/2 cups of powdered sugar 1/2 cup of cocoa powder 2-6 tablespoons of butter 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla A pinch of salt Whip the butter for a min or so on medium speed. Soft the confectioners sugar and cocoa powder...
In actually just used a wilton 3 tip and just used buttercream. Maybe not the best idea but it's all I could do at last min. I didn't want anything to cause the coatings to melt off especially the chocolate Sixlets. I've never worked with Silver Dragees before so I'm not sure what to use to get them to stick.Any recommendations??The cake made it in one piece so I didn't too bad I suppose
Oh maybe that's where I went wrong?? I'm so new to using the drams. Lesson definitely learned! I think I only used one box of Pilsbury so yeah haha. Thanks for the clarification. I might have to try the ice cream, IF I don't eat it all first. I would love to make a from scratch pistachio cake as well without having to use a whole bunch pistachios just for flavor.
I bake all of my cakes from scratch except a select few that I haven't perfected yet with a scratch recipe. Like my dreamsicle cupcakes. I use DH orange supreme & for my Italian Cream cake or cupcakes I use DH coconut cake mix as the base. Those are the only two I can think of. Everything else scratch. I prefer this way because I can taste a difference personally. I have had many cakes by people around here that are so well decorated but are just a pretty boxed mix. While...
What is the best way to get pistachio cake?? A renowned baker back home that made my wedding cake makes the most delicious pistachio cake. And I'm pretty sure she doesn't use pudding. I tried a WASC mix with adding pudding and a dram of LorAnn Pistachio flavoring and didn't care much for the sharpness from the flavoring. What about pistachio paste?
The beads are actually Pink Sixlets! Found them at Walmart! The silver ones are from Fancy Flours, silver dragees. The cross is a pink chocolate cross mold sprayed with edible spray paint. I forgot to get white melts and didn't have silver luster dust for fondant!
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