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I run the knife with my chocolate cakes and it never happens. Only my white ones but I'll stop doing that as it seems the chocolate comes out perfect.So is bakers joy or Wilton's cake release not the way to go?I grease the pan with shortening( bottom & sides) and put a parchment circle down on the bottom, and flour the sides with whatever flour I used for making the cake.The version of your cake I used was the one in the PDF file.I'm not giving up on it yet, eswpically...
I'm actually not. I have been doing it almost as soon as the pan is cool enough for me to touch without a mitten.I don't think I had such a huge problem with Jens cake as I did other recipes such as I am Bakers, and the one on Add a pinch.I made the "Heavenly White cake" recipe and it made amazing cupcakes. I haven't tried it yet as a cake so I'll give it a try. I really loved everything about that recipe. The taste, texture, and look.
Thanks! I love the flavor of your cake and it could've been something on my part, but it just didn't work for me I level my cakes as well and cut the crust off, it's more the sides I have the problem with. I usually take a knife around the cake while still in the pan and it always comes out clean so I hadn't figured it was messing with my sides...maybe that's where I go wrong?But they sides come out all crumby and falling apart. It doesn't have that nice brown ring around...
I cannot seem to get a great white or vanilla cake. They ALL crust on the top, and the sides come apart. I bought & tried Beyond Buttercreams recipe and it did the same. It was horrible. What causes the crusting? The sugar ?
I was very unimpressed :/ it did not live up to my expectations. I measured everything with a food scale, room temp, bake even strips ect. It had the taste of boxed mix without the box which I think it states in her PDF file.
I just bought this and had dreams about the recipe because I'm so excited to give it a try!
It's a personal preference. Many places use bagged mixes. A lady from France that does wedding cakes in my hometown is a scratch only baker & it shows through texture, taste and look. She's been in many wedding catalogues as one of the most renowned bakers in the state
Oh awesome!! Thank you both!! I didn't know if it needed to be different than a cookie recipe. I have a few favorites I would love to try out.
I've been wanting to try out cookie cakes (cookie pizza) .does anyone have a recipe they care to share!? Thanks
Look up Annies Eats Red velvet cupcakes. That is my go to recipe for red velvet anything! I've never had a complaint, and everyone says it's very moist and never dry.
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