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Thanks! I love the flavor of your cake and it could've been something on my part, but it just didn't work for me I level my cakes as well and cut the crust off, it's more the sides I have the problem with. I usually take a knife around the cake while still in the pan and it always comes out clean so I hadn't figured it was messing with my sides...maybe that's where I go wrong?But they sides come out all crumby and falling apart. It doesn't have that nice brown ring around...
I cannot seem to get a great white or vanilla cake. They ALL crust on the top, and the sides come apart. I bought & tried Beyond Buttercreams recipe and it did the same. It was horrible. What causes the crusting? The sugar ?
I was very unimpressed :/ it did not live up to my expectations. I measured everything with a food scale, room temp, bake even strips ect. It had the taste of boxed mix without the box which I think it states in her PDF file.
I just bought this and had dreams about the recipe because I'm so excited to give it a try!
It's a personal preference. Many places use bagged mixes. A lady from France that does wedding cakes in my hometown is a scratch only baker & it shows through texture, taste and look. She's been in many wedding catalogues as one of the most renowned bakers in the state
Oh awesome!! Thank you both!! I didn't know if it needed to be different than a cookie recipe. I have a few favorites I would love to try out.
I've been wanting to try out cookie cakes (cookie pizza) .does anyone have a recipe they care to share!? Thanks
Look up Annies Eats Red velvet cupcakes. That is my go to recipe for red velvet anything! I've never had a complaint, and everyone says it's very moist and never dry.
I honestly didn't use it. I think I added just a spoonful of the regular Dutch process cocoa powder I had. The Valrhona Cocoa powder I used have it a deep dark color. Not as black as the KA would give. Hershey's special dark should give you a very deep dark cake as well! I've used it before and the cake was almost black. Here's a slice of mine, I think it's dark.
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