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Yay! I hope you like it! I baked at high altitude so here's to hoping you get the same result!Heavenly white cake on all recipes I think it is, is also amazing.The shortening is used in place of the butter to give it that all white wedding cake look. It does not have to be melted. It will cream perfectly into the batter!As far as I know if the shortening was being melted then you could sub veg oil but in this case it's to be used as a fat and in place of the butter
They may not have given you their actual recipe. I know if I walked into the bakery we use back home and asked for her bc recipe she wouldn't give it. I know it is a MBC though. Just not sure which one.
I'm one of those people that have tried dozens of scratch white cake recipes. I buy cookbooks, browse the web. And read many threads about white cake on Cake central. I've even tried the WASC method and was not impressed. I've tried Beyond Butterceam's, a Silver white cake, Heavenly White cake (I do love this one as well) and many more.. I try to be completely from scratch so I was elated when I found this recipe. I recently bought a 1964 Ladies Home journal dessert...
Thanks for the tip! I might have to try that. Isn't it called "blooming"?
WWhere can I find her recipe?
I either use sweetopolitas SMBC or Savory sweet life classic buttercream with 1/2 vanilla bean paste 1/2 almond extract for the ratios
Oh I must've had butter on the mind!! I'm so sorry! It's 2 sticks unsalted butter & 2-6 tbsp of milk or heavy cream!! Great catch
You're welcome!! Did you use regular butter & cocoa powder?? It's still amazing regardless!!I'm glad you loved it!
I run the knife with my chocolate cakes and it never happens. Only my white ones but I'll stop doing that as it seems the chocolate comes out perfect.So is bakers joy or Wilton's cake release not the way to go?I grease the pan with shortening( bottom & sides) and put a parchment circle down on the bottom, and flour the sides with whatever flour I used for making the cake.The version of your cake I used was the one in the PDF file.I'm not giving up on it yet, eswpically...
I'm actually not. I have been doing it almost as soon as the pan is cool enough for me to touch without a mitten.I don't think I had such a huge problem with Jens cake as I did other recipes such as I am Bakers, and the one on Add a pinch.I made the "Heavenly White cake" recipe and it made amazing cupcakes. I haven't tried it yet as a cake so I'll give it a try. I really loved everything about that recipe. The taste, texture, and look.
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