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I have this issue too. It goes on just fine but by the next day it develops cracks. I just made a cake with a 1" border. Went to get it packaged to transport and a chunk of the border fell off. So frustrating. I'm using satin ice. Only rolled out once so I don't believe it was overworked. I use the sweet wise mat so no crisco or anything under the fondant. What's the trick to keeping it fresh for a day or two?
Thanks. I love ganache but worry that it won't be thick enough. I was at a catered event this last weekend and the dessert they served us was beautiful. Just perfect for the party I am attending. The closest I can come to the icing though was what you find on hostess. I think a ganache will be messy to try and move. I don't want to see fingerprints in the sides. I'll check out the restaurant supply place and see what they have. I kinda feel like I'm trading quality and...
Can anybody tell me how to make the frosting they have on hostess cupcakes? It's thick enough to peel off of it. I haven't worked with anything other than buttercream or a ganache and neither one of those will work. I'm looking for a pourable frosting that will harden a bit. I want to make layered chocolate mouse cakes and frost them, then decorate each one like a present. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks do much for the google doc. I use pastry pride and better cream quite a bit but haven't ever flavored them. I use leftovers to make cream puffs or eclairs. The family loves them. My question is, have you had any success coloring any of these to a royal blue? So far I have only tried pastry pride in pinks and its never a brilliant color. More pastelish. Now I have a Cookie Monster cake due this weekend. Help!
I was wondering the same thing. Will the fondant get hard and crispy around the bottom edge? I have several cakes coming up and will be juggling my schedule to get them done.
I had a horrible time this weekend. Finally made my own fondant and even that just didn't want to roll out smoothly. I added crisco but seems like that was wrong. I'm going to add glycerine next time. My question is though, I always use Wilton fondant only because not only does it cost half what satin ice costs, but it's sold locally at michaels, where I usually have a 40% off coupon making it even cheaper. Do any of you use Wilton? And do you just automatically add...
I have a slightly different question. I have never gotten that slightly browned, baked look on the side of my cheesecake. I usually use a hot knife to release the cheesecake from the side of the pan but then it looks kinda choppy. Does anybody spray the pan with release? Or how can I achieve that finish?
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