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There are many tutorials around on how to do different colour royal icing patterns.  For the dots I would outline and flood with the turquoise then while it is still wet I would drop in tiny drips of white with the end of a cocktail stick.  The houndstooth pattern is slightly trickier, but I would flood in one colour, then pipe on evenly spaced dots of the other colour and then use the end of the cocktail stick to drag in a cross-hatch pattern to get the design.
Do you have to use fondant for them?  It would be really simple to do this design in flooded royal icing.
I would go with modelling choc mixed in - that will let you mold it more easily to get it drape and flow nicely.
I found that using the purple dust in the shade I wanted to colour the gumpaste worked to keep it the right colour.
I did a similar style on a cake a while ago - less delicately, but I was not very practised back then.  For the top tier, you just take thin strips of fondant and fold over one edge, then lay it on the cake working your way round (you have to be reasonably quick so that you can tuck the last one neatly under the first one).  It helps if the strips are tapered towards the top, otherwise you end up with a large mound of overlapping strips in the centre.   For the lower...
If you wrap the cake well and then freeze it for a few days then defrost, that helps mature it as the freezing/defrosting process breaks down the cell walls in the fruit.
Or just a matching plain brown tier on the bottom with a couple of flowers?
I would fear that there would be too much yellow in that to make a nice purple and you'd end up with a yucky brown.   If you're willing to risk that, then just add violet colouring with maybe a bit extra blue?
I know I'm a bit late to the party, but my husband finally managed to free up enough space to sort out the photos from my last few cakes.  Here they are:           There should have been one more cake to show off - my birthday cake - but in the end I was feeling so miserable with morning sickness and fatigue that I just gave up and didn't bother doing more than a rough coating of buttercream and some sprinkles :-)  I can't stand cake at the moment anyway, so it...
If you have a microwave there are various options and recipes for cooking a cake in one.
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