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Internet explorer has an "e" as its icon :-)
How long does it say to bake for normally?   My recipe bakes for an hour at 160C, then an hour at 150C, then an hour at 140C, then at 120C until it is done (which is a good few hours).
I always scale up my fruit cake recipe without any problems.  I don't know what your recipe is, but as long as you bake low and slow then it should be fine.  I baked a 12" square fruit cake for Christmas and it took around five hours, so be aware that your cake will take even longer.  You can wrap the edges with damp towels to prevent the edges over-baking before the centre is done.   You would need just over 7 times the amount of batter ( 7.111....) so I'd probably do...
Was it just plain fondant you used?  Try using gumpaste instead, but make sure to support the shape until it dries - probably overnight.
I would suggest you try to make it by weighing out all the ingredients to make sure.  It's much more accurate, and he gives you the weights in the recipe.
Forjenns, you can freeze a fruit cake for a few days and then defrost it in order to mature it, rather than leaving it out for a month.  The freezing breaks down the cell membranes in the fruit having the same effect, but much more quickly.
Are you logged in?  That's the only thing I can think of that might affect it...
I can see your photos just fine, so not sure what the issue is.  Click on your name, and then scroll down the page and there's a whole section with your photos.
What about "Pretty Pretty Please Cakes"? :-)
Or how about using mini-marshmallows for the trunks?
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