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Posts by Wrapped-Xpressions   I came across this tutorial. Hopefully this will help!
I agree, she sounds like way too high maintenance and will be the type to request a refund after the event because she was unhappy with the cake. If she has not paid a deposit to secure her date I would become "booked" and would be unable to take her order.
I would try the Jessica Harris method. My experience with sugar sheets is that they always crack and it's hard to line them up good on buttercream. If you have to adjust them at all it messes up the buttercream under it.   Another option could be to stencil it. Most hobby stores have various stencils or you could order one online and play with it before the wedding. With a stencil you could use buttercream, royal icing or airbrush.
I think you did an amazing job! That was a really strange and difficult request but you handled it like a cakedecorating champ :-)
I was wondering the same thing Stephanie. Thanks for the link Sara!
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