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The icing underneath was still pretty hard. i had pulled it out the freezing an placed it in the frige maybe an hour before covering. An I did knead it for a few mins maybe it wasn't as long as I needed to. An I definatley agree that it may have been rolled way to thin. I think next time ill try an roll it out thicker an knead it longer.
My go to method for covering a cake is usually smbc. Though today I opted for satin ice fondant and had a few issues. When covering the cake the fondant began to tear at the sides an expose the buttercream beneath. It also began to tear when I tried to smooth it. I also had a major condensation problem because my cake was I'm the fringe prior to me covering it. Was this the cause of all the tearing an ripping? Or may I have rolled the fondant to then ?
The graphic designer that did my logo is pretty awesome. She does great work for a reasonable price. An is also a really great artist. If you don't already have a concept she can be of great help creating one. Her names Jessica Reyes an she can be contacted at
Thank you ladies so much for replying. I really appreciate the help. I ended up placing it back in the frige for about 20mins which helped thicken it up a bit. An then I added 1 more stick of butter and presto ! Fluffy again.
I'm currently crumb coating my cake this evening in Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I'm still in the process of making my buttercream but something has just went wrong. I followed my usual recipe not doing anything differently except doubling it, inorder to have enough. Though right now my buttercream currently has a soupy texture. It never thickened up. What did I do wrong ?? An how should i fix this ? It would be really upsetting to have wasted so much egg whites and...
That was very helpful. I read some articles online that said the same about spooning and not just scooping as well. Thanks so much for replying
Thanks for the reply. The Artist cake is gorgeous but its more of a horizontal ruffle. I wanted more of a floral ruffle. If you don't mind in the future may i PM for tip an advice you have some awesome work in your gallery
. Exactly! Perfect. I was planning to use the ribbon rose technique to create the ruffle design. Thanks so much now I'm of to make a ton of them Thanks again for the reply !
Thanks Fromscratchsf ! P.s. I love your blog !
Today I baked a recipe 3x because i just couldn't figure out what went wrong. When I initially made this recipe a few months back, I had no problems with it. I followed the recipe exactly using measuring cups an spoons. (The recipe had no conversions for ounces or grams.) Lately i've been trying to be more exact with my proportions so I started scaling all my ingredients. So today my batter was way thicker that my first experience with this same recipe. I've come to the...
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