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Ok here's the recipe we used in pastry school. Ive made it a few times and its excellent every. single. time. I've posted it on the forum before with a great review.Choc Fudge CakeGran Sugar 1lb 12 ozCake Flour 1lb 4 1/2 ozHigh Ratio Shortening 12 1/2 ozSalt 1/2 ozBaking Soda 3/4 ozCocoa Pulver (powder) 3 ozButtermilk #1 1lb 1/2 ozEggs whole 14 1/2 ozButtermilk #2 12 1/2 ozVanilla 3/4 ozMix 1st eight ingredients in mixer with paddle on speed 2 for approx 6 min or until...
Dark chocolate and Merlot
How does one serve samples? Do you make a sheet cake and slice small servings? Do you make cupcakes and split them in 2 for 2 samples? Never done it before! Need ideas from experts
Ya know I read in my text book that there are fillings that call for cake crumbs. Light bulb moment lol
I made the cinnamon coffee cake recipe (stuck to the pan, total bummer) and the Mississippi Mud cake (by far, best. cake. ever!!)You ignore the box directions and follow what she has in the book. I thought id be a genius and put the coffee cake recipe in a shaped pan.... yea don't do that. stick to the pan she tells you to use in her recipe.
i know thats right *wink*
Well, solved that dilemma huh? lol Thanks!
There will be a bridal show on Sept 30th in my area and I thought it would be a great idea to set up a table as a vendor. Oh. My. Word. $425 to secure a spot. Say whaaa? Ive never been to a bridal show so this is very shocking to me. Is it always so expensive? Would it be worth it? I looked at the list of exhibitors and theres not ONE single bakery or cake designer. WOuld love to hear your thoughts.........
Those are all really great ideas! THanks so much
Yes you've helped me out a ton! Than you. Next time I will use choc that I'd actually eat.
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