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Alright. Yeah, I just tried splitting one of my 12" layers and it totally ripped. Cant use that one. It was a teenie tiny bit warm yet. Guess I should have got it cold first. The 8 and 6" layers split nicely though.
Do you know if I should split each layer in half before I freeze? Or should I do it after?  I've never had a cake I had to freeze before.  :)
Thanks for all the great ideas guys!  :)
Thanks. Yeah, a test batch with and without glazefor the freezer might be good.  Ill try it.:)
My brother is getting married Sunday, and I am making their cake. It's going to be a 4 tiered stacked "naked " apple cake with cream cheese frosting. Heres a picture of what they want:   I have a couple of questions. First, If I use the regular WASC recipe, with spice cake mix, how many apples could I add  before it would make the cake too unstable? ( like chunks falling apart at the side) They want...
See , here's just what I mean...  The link above says CA doesn't... this link says CA does:   Which is it?
Maybe I had that wrong.  I just searched it and found a site saying WI has a cottage food law, which in fact we DO NOT.   Is there an official way to find out which states have cottage food laws?  My info about CA must have been wrong. Definitely do not sell cakes unless you are within the law, to protect YOURSELF and the industry.  If something goes wrong, what if you get sued?
CA has a cottage food law, don't they?  I just recently looked because we are petitioning for it in WI, and saw CA on the list. I was glad because I may be moving there. :)
I have a chocolate cake bottom layer  ( 10" square)  filled with cherry pie filling.  It was bulging on one side, so I took it out and took the other tiers off of it, and dug that side out and "patched" it with rolled buttercream. I only patched that side.  Do you think that will work?  One of my other tiers is filled with blueberry pie filling and I notice a tiny little blueberry stain coming out between the layers in some places through the crumb coat in the...
Thank you.  
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