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I get mine at Costco and it is $4.99. It is 35%. Whips up nice and cheapest around here. 
To start it is not supposed to be a very sweet buttercream like the american so many are used to. You also want to make sure you don't eat it when it is cold or yes it will taste like butter. I do find that you need to add some sort of flavor to it as well. 
I most commonly pair gingerbread cupcakes with caramel buttercream. It is delicious!
I was upset when I saw the switch too. I liked virgin ice and liked the convenience of having it at a local store. The Kwik sucks. I don't like how it works and there are little hard bits in it. If anyone knows of a brand of fondant that is similar to virgin ice I would love to know as in Ottawa we don't have a very good selection of cake decorating supplies. They do still carry virgin ice in the colors but no more white.
Hershey's is a good recipe. I usually start mine off with the eggs and sugar in the mixer and then slowly add the melted butter then dry ingredients and liquid alternatively. As for the glob you may have either too much sugar or you are just not giving it enough time. I whip mine at a fairly medium high speed until light in color and fluffy. It does take some time especially if the eggs are straight out of the fridge. You can help this by having your eggs at room...
I too usually use oil in a lighter batter. I find delicate flavors require oil over butter. One way to have a lighter cake with butter is to melt the butter and add to the whipped up eggs and sugar instead of the creaming method. This is how I make my chocolate cupcakes and they are super moist. That's been in my experience.
Here's my pinterest link in case you are interested in the brown sugar molds as well.[] You can find it under the board Brilliant Ideas. [/url]
I have never tried it but I did see on pinterest the other day that they made chocolate molds out of packed brown sugar. Will have to look it up and see how exactly they did it but it should work for fondant molding as well I would think. I was going to try it once I got a chance not only to keep the budget down but also then you can make molds of anything you want.
It is definitely a dutch thing. My family loves black licorice so I made some for halloween last year. I melted down the black licorice in a tiny bit of water and added to the cupcake batter. Haven't tried it in buttercream yet but I would think it would work just as well. It does change the texture of the cupcake slightly but my family loves them.
I have found that to be a problem too. If you only add one picture/album/day then only that picture and it's comments will show up when you publish it. Only solution I have found so far.
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