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HI!!I gave Michelle´s techique a go and here was the outcome. While I did not get the sharp edges (I think it will take a bit more practicing) I did get a much smoother finish. I was very happy....thanks for recommending Michelle.
Thanks all!!!I will give Michelle´s method a go and hopefully this will be the solution to my problem.Thanks again!
Hi,I am wondering what is the best way to get smooth sharp edges on my cakes when using fondant.I have two smoothers that I use but I just can´t seem to get really sharp edges. I see loads of cakes with very smooth fondant and I just don´t seem to be able to get the same great results.I am not sure if it is that I am putting too much buttercream on underneath or if I am just not carving my cakes well.Does anyone have any good easy tips to get smooth fondant covered...
Hola!Hace tiempo que no actualizo el blog, y he metido un par de entradas nuevas. Una de unos mini-cakes que me encantan y son geniales para cumpleaños o cualquier otra celebración.Hablando de celebraciones hace poco he celebrado mi cumpleaños e hice unos cuantos cupcakes distintos.Si tenéis un momento echad un vistazo a mi blog: : y decidme lo que pensáis. Todos los comentarios, buenos y malos, serán bienvenidos.Ah! Me encantaría que...
Hi,It's been a while but I have updated my blog with a couple of new entries. One of some cute mini-cakes that would be great for birthdays or any celebration.I also celebrated my birthday recently and made a variety of cupcakes to help me enjoy the celebrations more. Have a look at these entries in my blog: and let me know what you think...all comments good and bad welcome : -)Also, I would love if you guys would check out my facebook...
I also use the same recipe for both cakes and cupcakes and they work fine. You have to bake them a little less but they should come out the same.
Hola Yoli!Tengo una receta de cupcakes en mi blog que es muy fácil, echa un vistazo a y en la entrada de ¡¡Vamos Atleti!! 29/05/2012.Dime que te parece.Ciara
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