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Hello everyone,   I was just wondering, when we do cookies and decorate them in a character theme like Disney is there any copyright regulations we need to know?  I see them all over the internet so I am assuming its fine, but in case someone asks me I would like to know the guidelines.     Thank you.
Help please.  Whenever I flood a small area with royal icing I ALWAYS get these little bubbles or dents when it dries.  I read once to zap it with a heat gun which I have tried with no luck.  Does anyone have a secret and/or tip to avoid this.    Thanks all.
Thank you all so much for suggestions.  I am going to  try different ones this week while I am off work. 
Thank you for your recommendations.  I tried again tonight and as you said let it sit for 30 minutes prior to using.  I did notice like you said a lot of bubbles come to the surface.  It did help some.  Right now I lean towards using Sweetopia's recipe and mixing procedure.  Thanks again for replying and giving some great tips. 
I am so frustrated.  I have tried so many recipes for royal icing and have followed directions to a T and when I flood my cookies I am seeing air bubbles especially in my lighter colors.  I wasted so much icing because I just can't find that right recipe.  I have been to all the popular cookie decorators websites/blogs and tried theirs with not much success with air bubbles.  Any advise and or suggestions you have that would help with these stubborn bubbles I would...
For those of you who ship your decorated cookies as a business, which shipping fee/resource do you use that is reasonable to your customers? I have been using USPS flat rate med or large boxes and that is $11.00 or $15.00 per box. People get all excited and want to place an order until we discuss shipping. I have checked with UPS and they are higher. Just curious what everyone else does. Thank you for any and all comments.
Thank you. I appreciate you feedback and will work on those suggestions.
Hi all,I was just wondering what kind of steps you all took to get people to notice your cookie business. I am new to the "selling" of decorated cookies. I have created a facebook page and had some business cards made up and tell everyone I come in contact with. What else should I be doing. I do not want to pay for a web site, are there free ones available? Just looking for tips and/or friendly suggestions.Thanks Check out my FB page I sure could use some...
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