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Not sure how I save this so I thought if I comment it will store somewhere in my posts and I can find it again from that :)
Ooo never considered that, might be worth a play with thanks
Brill thanks, I might try it, wanted something with a little more waxy feeling about it. Think it would sculpt easier.
I have never worked with gum paste and have no idea what the consistency is like or how it moulds. I normally make my heads for characters out of flower paste but wondered if gum paste was any easier to sculpt?
Ye good idea, I use the same as you for amounts, I use the same amount of eggs as the inches of the tin, but I have been baking at 180, think I could def knock it down a knotch.
Ye I want my square cakes to turn out about 3 inches tall at the end, but because the corners havnt risen I have having to cut the top off and its only about 2 inches tall in the end. I have just baked two but il try turning oven down on next one.
Oooooo thank you so much! What are bake even strips?? Iv seen the flower nail things but I wasn't sure how they work, do they leave a circle print on the top? Might try turning oven down first and see if that works. Many thanks :)
Every time I bake a square cake I can't seem to get it to rise in the corners, I am using a normal sponge batter, eg 8 eggs and 16 of everything else, touch of baking powder and milk. I spread it into the corners and edges as much as I can and try to leave a shallow well in the middle. It still rises in the middle and not round the edges, and then I end up having to cut a lot off to make it flat for decorating but then the cake is not as deep as I would have liked. Any...
I have done it! :) Went really well. This was the final result;            
I am making this cake in June and am trying to think of best way to do the couple, Shall I print it on paper and cut around it onto flower paste or is an icing sheet better? Or any other method or advice would be great thanks.  
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