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Bump! Come on guys, you mean to tell me that this had happened to no one here?
Really! I didn't know that! It seems so many people on Etsy sells their baked goods, I just thought it was a way to put their products out there. That actually makes me feel good! Protect the consumer and all that jazz
You can also make an Etsy page, but make sure you have some professional looking shots of your cookies. Personally that can make or break a sale for me.Sweetopia had a great blog post on photographing your sweets: hope this helps!
I put a twist on the NFSC by adding 1/4 tsp of cardamom and orange zest (it was to taste so I can't give an exact measurement) and they were a HUGE HIT. I also used two pods of vanilla beans which sent the flavors over the top. One note on the beans, I paid $13 in Whole Foods for 2 beans (!!!!!!) when on ebay I got 30 for $11 incl free shipping.
I bought a "1" cutter from them for my son's first bday and they seem on par with your regular cutters. They don't seem flimsy or anything and it was shipped pretty fast. Only issue was with my mail man. I think they send it certified mail via USPS and if I didn't have another package waiting for my at my PO I would have never known it came.
Hey there!I am making Yo Gabba Gabba! cookies for my son's 1st birthday and to save time, I was thinking of making the characters as transfers to save time. Muno, a big red fella came out perfectly. His icing (three colors, red, black and white) dried perfectly smooth. I am attaching the beggings of Foofa, a pink girl. I used Americolor's Deep Rose and Wilton RI mix (its the only think I have available here). My husband was the one in charge of coloring as he has a great...
Hello there! First time poster. I wrote out a long, detailed post before but I don't know what happened...Chrome froze up and deleted everything Anyway, a girlfriend of mine is having a baby and the sex won't be announced until the shower in August. The colors for the shower are white, green and gray. I am not creative in the least.Do any of you have any decorating recommendations so that everything won't look uniform and boring?This is what I have so far:1. White onsie...
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