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I will thank you!!!!!
The directions .... And there werent many, say to roll the fondant on the texture sheet then flip it over on to the cake and gently smooth. Thats not working so ill try what you are saying. How would i do that . The sheet is 23 inches by 23 . Im not opposed to cutting it . It was just 13 dollars. Would i cut it then just press it into the soft fondant?
I have an order for a wedding cake . Fondant four tier with paisley embossed on the second and top tier. I bought the paisley empression text sheet from global sugar art. The problem im having is when i put the embossed fondant on the cake the top is perfect but on the sides it streaches out the design before i ever even touch it. I use satin ice fondant. Im wondering if its just to soft or if im doing something wrong. Is there any way to do this with out distorting the...
I googled it and they are all the big ones. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok ill try paypal.
I need the tiny sugar diamonds for a snow flake wedding cake due in jan. I always order them from global sugar art. My credit card and info was stolen from ordering on their site so no more ordering from them. Does anyone know where i can order them???? I need the very very small ones.
Why are the silver and gold dragees no longer sold? I did notice that wilton didnt have them so i ordered them from global sugar art. I have an up coming wedding cake that is going to need alot of them. Kinda worried now. I just made a few hunded christmas cookies and i used the silver mini dragees on them.....
Somtimes there is no favorites button.( the little heart) and the arrows dont work when im on my computer to look at the next picture. I can no longer add pictures from my phone. I dont like my pictures in albums on my gallery. I really dont mind change if its for the better. I just personally liked the old site format better.
Placed two orders with global sugar art and the next week someone used my card to order diet pills. Thank you for this post we could not figure out how this happened. Now i know.
I wonder id there is any chance of it being put back the old way. I dont like it at all.
arrows still dont work for me... i know i am complaining alot but this site is very important to me. may sound silly but half the fun of doing a cake is to put it on cake central and see if anyone likes it. kinda like showing off your art work. i love looking at everyones cakes and giving alot of encouragement to my fellow cakers in the world of cake. but the new site changes make it very hard to main complaint is the galley. i use to be able to type in just what i...
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