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Thanks for all the help. I found one that I think will work called Windsong.
Does anyone know the font used on the cake at for any help!!!
Thanks Apti for the encouraging words. I DO know tiered cakes have a support system, just got a little shaky from the last catastrophe. I am headed to kitchen right now and will report back.Thanks
I have done many many wedding cakes but stopped doing them for a while, several years. The last one I did (white box cake) my mom baked the layers for me. I made my icing like I always have, not knowing that Crisco changed their recipe and it turned out more like fondant. Thick, heavy, etc. and my cake broke all to pieces.Now I'm a little gun shy. I feel sure the icing weight was mostly the problem, however, I'm not sure and am horrified of that happening again. I...
Thank you so much for responding. I will bake that recipe today. I am looking at a recipe for a cream cheese butter cream icing that is white and will crust. This was my first time to post so I was really excited to get a response. Thank you!!!!!
I have a wedding cake to do for next weekend and my bride wants Red Velvet Cake with buttercream icing. Is there a pound cake recipe for red velvet or how do I make a RV dense enough to stack 12's, 10''s and 8's? Help!!! I've read so many recipes my eyes are crossed LOL I need something that has a great track record. Thanks bunches.
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