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Yes, I was afraid of the overspray, but I also don't trust myself to do a perfect stack without mucking up the airbrushing-what to do! Julie
Hello,Can anyone give me some advice on airbrushing a stacked buttercream cake? Is it best to do the airbrushing once it is stacked or before stacking? I will be using different colors/design on each tier.Thanks!Julie
I agree with everyone above-LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Agbay. I don't know how I ever used that piece-of-garbage Wilton leveler before! The small wire Wilton leveler was ok, but the big one stinks.Julie
I do alot of cakes with hand-applied pictures. I use a projector to get the image on the cake, then outline with thick Toba's Glaze (usually used on cookies) and fill in with regular consistency Toba's Glaze. Before I bought the projector I used the toothpick method (print out image, place against styrofoam, poke dot-to-dot style along lines to get imprint of the image on the back of the paper, then carefully smooth on top of the cake to transfer image) to apply the...
I only use dark/bright red or other dark colors as borders on cakes. If the main part of the cake needs to be red (or other deep/bright colors) I use an airbrush to spray white icing with airbrush color. You don't need much color and it doesn't end up tasting nasty!Julie
Back from the taste-test. I added just the 2 t of vanilla and it still tastes yummy! In the future I will offer white or white almond to my customers just to make sure they are aware of the almond flavoring. I guess better safe than sorry!Julie
Good point JMT, I was thinking kids might not suspect nuts in cake but as you say, parents have probably warned them against baked goods of all kinds since people that bake cakes most likely bake things with nuts in them which would "contaminate" the kitchen as far as nut allergies are concerned. Maybe I'm just being a little paranoid. I just baked a cupcake with only the vanilla, off to taste-test it!Julie
Thanks Peg. This is an order for a customer, not my own child, so I don't know if there are allergies or not. I live in Saudi Arabia so things are a little different here, not sure if that sort of information would be known amongst classmates/parents-I used to teach English in a Saudi school and there was no mention of the health issues of my students by the administration to me. If I use just the vanilla should I just add the 2 t vanilla, or extra since I'm not adding...
Hello!I am looking for advice on this. When I get an order for a "white" cake I always use the WASC (White Almond Sour Cream) cake recipe and I haven't specifically told customers that it contains almond flavoring since that is what makes it different from other cakes. I have an order for 75 cupcakes for a child to bring to school for her birthday for tomorrow. I got to thinking how relatively common it is for kids to have nut allergies. If a child is allergic to nuts...
Royal icing is much easier to get to black than buttercream. I never add cocoa powder to Royal (although I do for buttercream). As the previous poster suggested, use Americolor. It doesn't take much to get it to a nice black.Julie
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