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Hi Everyone, Ok. So I was asked to price a Barbie vintage Cake and the customer sent me a picture of the cake that they want. Simple vanilla cake for 25 people. I was wondering how much you think this would cost. I want to make sure I didn't under price. Suggestions are welcomed as well as far as design goes Thanks in advanced you guys! Att: Chrysty
Hi Everyone,   I just wanted some feedback to see if I was under pricing this cake or if i was totally in my right to charge $215.00 for this cake along with the 5 cupcakes on the bottom.   The customer and I had been talking for about 30min and we agreed for a 6' and 8' tier Red Velvet cake with 5 cupcakes. It would be exactly like presented in the picture with fondant and the little tiara on top.   I was sure she had understood how much work this would be and how...
Beautiful work! How were you able to get the cupcakes to stand up inside the pot? It's interesting because they look like they are all different heights.
THIS IS THE ONE I GAVE FROM HER GOURMET LIST: Orange Dreamsicle - MacsMom 2 boxes white cake mix 2 c melted orange sherbet 2/3 c diet orange soda (soda suggested by cinderspritzer: "I added ... diet sunkist soda.... and it tastes FREAKING AWESOME!!!") 2 c flour 1-3/4 c sugar 1-1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp baking soda (modified to add baking soda 3/10/10) 2 c sour cream 9 egg whites 1/4 c oil 1 T orange extract *Perhaps some food coloring *Update: DH Orange Supreme is now...
you can have it be printed on frosting sheets. Then simply place on top of the cake and start filling it it. If you need the image on he frosting sheet, just inbox me and I will be glad to help in any way I can.  
Yo probé esta recetas y a mi no me sale las decoraciones. No puedo hacer rosas porque o aguantan consistencia. El sabor es bien parecido l de súper cake, pero la consistencia no aguanta decoraciones.   Alguien más tiene este problema?
I bought mine from I called and was able to get a quick response from a rep. The only thing different was the two middle cupcakes don't have a single dome. But it was definitely worth it. 
I did these in Janurary, but with the foam method. Needless to say, the next morning I found 2 completely fallen off and a couple, the frosting had fallen as well. I will definitely try the cups method next time. 
Okay. For all those ranting about me using this as an "example" lets get one thing straight. Home based is home based. If you are talking about a company that rents a locations, well obviously the rent would be included. But I am only home based. And then again, I am earning $40.50 for myself. If we are to use this example. I was looking at it as charging hourly rate at $3.50 like waierss are paid for their work. I look at the extra $26.50 as a tip in this...
Sorry meant to say 10x3 not 19x3 :)
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