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Thank you. And I do only bake by scratch!!
Ok thank you so much!!!!Also I had no idea about the contacting Disney. How do you go about doing that? Do you know if they ever deny anybody?
any ideas on some great tasting cakes and fillings that are moist. And possibly infused syrups in cakes??
I have been making cakes for a little over a year now and I've been charging 2.00 a slice with 20.00 decoration. I've been told from some cake stores that my prices are too low. I know pricing all depends on the area you are in but I'm having a problem on how to decide to change my prices. Such as for a tiered cake say they want to feed 25 ppl and I charge 70 for it but I use a 10 and a 6 inch which serves around 30 or so then I'm loosing out on money for the extra 5...
So I am looking for new recipes for cakes, fillings and frostings. I do have recipes right now but they are just the basic white, chocolate, red velvet, marble etc...I've been roaming around looking on pro bakeries websites and I've seen so great ideas but I'm not having any luck finding recipes. I'm looking for some like chocolate chip, toffee crunch, coffee, strawberries n cream, lemon swirl German chocolate, etc.. I love making new creations and I want some new recipes...
Is there any good homemade fondant that is good other than the marshmallow fondant?
Ok awesome, thank you!!
when I first started using fondant I bought the store bought wilton that was thick and didn't have a good taste. I have been using homemade marshmallow fondant since. Although I have been seeing new types of fondant such as rolled buttercream, just plain rolled fondant and more. I'm just wondering which it the best type of fondant to use on all types of cake flavors and that has a great taste??
I have not tried modeling chocolate yet but I'm looking forward to using it. Is it a good product to use on cut outs to put on a fondant cake or should it be basically used only for sculpting? Are there any good recipes?
That is very true. I changed it because it kind of tasted like it was artificial. Ive been trying to find different cake filling and frosting recipes that are real good moist and that can possibly sit out for a good amount of time especially for wedding cakes. I hate telling them oh you can have your cake but it can only sit out for like 3hours max. I will try that recipe thank you! And For a whipping cream frosting for the pink champagne should I use a real stiff one so...
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