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thank you Annie your post actually helped a lot. as for the bubbles in my SMBC, I did use a whisk to get the egg whites to a stiff peak, then I switched to a paddle, but it was still airy. I LOVE bed bath and beyond and need to take a trip there to get a scale, so I will most definitely look for the scraper there tomorrow. also, you mentioned over mixing a buttercream, but would under mixing it be worse? again, thank you
good luck with your cake Ohio! looks like where on the same boat. so I'm guessing that SMBC isn't a crusting BC then? maybe it's the 10x sugar that makes a BC crust over?
I'm a complete newbie to cake designing. but I'm so very into it, it's all I think about all day. today I successfully made a batch of SMBC. I have a woman who wants an all BC cake for this summer, and I plan on doing SMBC. the problem I noticed in my batch today ( which was also a good thing at the same time) is that the BC was very light and airy, it was fine for the cupcakes I put it on but I noticed it doesn't smooth very well on cake.. not like ABC. I want so badly...
thanks you CW for taking the time to point out the spelling errors, that means a lot. I will deffinitely let her know,ASAP. thank you. unfortunately there IS a lot I want done differently in the page and she's very stubborn and even said to me she doesn't want to keep changing it, but I really had no say in the first let her know right away what I wasn't fond of. I might have to branch off and so my own
I've also let her know about how I feel towards the small pictures all in one spot. they're all in one little spot at the beginning of the page and there's a ton of space at the bottom. unfortunately I don't know what is and isn't possible i creating a website, so it leaves me limited to what I want and my opinion in the layout. thank you all for the comments and some I already felt we're right and others I hadn't notcied
I love this! I will definitely tweak it a little, I pointed out the spelling mistakes to her, I feel bad trying to explain to her what I really want. but this helps, thank you
wow thank you, you're right though I don't want to offend her, but Im not too fond of the pink and brown, or the logo she decided to do. i agree with you on all that you said, it's hard for me to see that because I've looked at the page a million times so it almost makes sense to me, but I want everything to be clean and understandable. thank you again
wow, I'm so sorry.. that would help.
my mother in law designs websites and did my website for me. she's pretty controlling sometimes and asked me the basics of what I wanted, I gave her a list and some drawings of what I wanted it to look like. Now that I look at it, it seems like it might be confusing for people to understand, especially the menu and pricing section. I had the worst time trying to even price my cakes and I feel like they might be too complicated now. can I get an outsiders view on my web...
thank you so much, I had a feeling it might be too much water. and letting it sit a minute is a great idea! ill give it a go.
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